Tips on Traveling with Your Dog

Going on a road trip with a dog can be overwhelming. You need to make sure that you do it in the right way. Dogs are just like babies, and you need to make sure that you are prepared for the trip. When going on a long flight, it is even more complicated.

You need to check with the airline to make sure that they are ready to accommodate your dog. Going on a road trip might be simply because you will have access to your dog during the entire trip. You need to get a retailer selling dog cages for cars to make it easier for you. Here are some tips on traveling with your dog:

Carry Enough Pet Food

dogWhen traveling with your dog, you need to make sure that you have enough pet food. You can never be sure whether you will find the right dog food on your destination so having food with you is important. When you have pet food, it will also be easy to give your dog food while on transits.

However, remember to treat your dog with food care. Some of the dog food is likely to go bad quickly. When carrying perishable dog food, make sure that you have a small cooler with you.

Check for Motion Sickness

It is advisable to check for motion sickness when traveling with your dog. Make sure that your dog does not suffer from motion sickness because it might be too hard on the dog. Before you go for the trip, you can ask a vet to write some prescription for motion movement. This will go a long way in preventing any motion sickness while on transit.

Make sure that you also give your dog some fiber supplements so that your dog does not suffer from diarrhea. Diarrhea is always a big issue during traveling so watch out for that.

Give Your Dog a Treat

Giving your dog a treat once in a while is recommended. When on the road, you will be making some snack stops. When making those snack stops, make sure that your dog is part of them.

Do not overdo on the snacks and treats. Make it regular but at the same time keep your limitations. Your dog needs to have fun while on the road and snacks will help you to do it.

dog traveling

Stretching is Important

Stretching is very important for your good. You need to make sure that that you stretch once in a while. Always make small stops, and you will be surprised at how it will help your dog.…

Care Of A Hamster Pet

Owning a hamster can be very rewarding considering the fun-filled moments that comes with the interaction with these unique pets. However, the enjoyment of being with a hamster pet comes with some responsibility. The major responsibility is taking care of the hamster pet. Here below are useful tips of taking care of a hamster pet.

Buy a cage for your hamster petcute hamster

As soon as you get your hamster, you should buy it a cage. Notably, hamster cages are the most important thing for a hamster pet. A hamster pet needs a comfortable cage for it to live comfortably. It is important to buy a cage and avoid using homemade cages for they are not comfortable and secure enough to take good care of your pet.


The best way to take care of a hamster pet is by providing it with the right diet. There are useful guidelines on what to do with diet as a way of taking care of a hamster pet. Hamsters need food on daily basis. As a caring tip, you should feed the hamster regularly with food enough to fill both cheeks. It is also important to note that best care of a hamster pet dictates that it should only feed on fresh food. So make sure to have fresh food in the bowl.

Always have water ready and available

Though a hamster pet does not drink much water, it needs a constant supply of water in case it gets thirsty. Do not make a mistake of putting water in a bowl. This keeps the water exposed to dirt and may not be clean when the hamster pet drinks it. As a caring tip, you should use a dispenser or a water bottle to give the hamster pet water.

hamsterAvoid “human” foods

Avoid foods such as pasta, candy, raw fish/meat, desserts, and sugar. These kinds of food can cause a hamster pet to develop diabetes. Since all the bad foods are not listed here, it is important to avoid foods with high sugar content for such foods might damage a hamster’s health.

From above, it is clear that taking care of a hamster pet involves two basic things these are getting the hamster a good cage and feeding it well. Also, remember to engage it in some exercises to keep it entertained and healthy.…