Teacher’s Role In Innovation

What do you think of a trampoline, braille, and popsicles? Kids invented all these wonderful things. No matter the age, race, disability, or economic status, the ability to become an innovator lies within. Educators and teachers have a responsibility to prepare and educate students, for their future. This is the ultimate challenge when none knows what the future has. First, you need to understand that every student will have a unique future. Thus, this world will be different in 20 years.

There are several roles teachers can play to inspire innovation among children. It is paramount to teach and encourage professional skills.


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Teachers should not underestimate creative intuition of any person, particularly a child. In fact, teachers have an opportunity to boost a kid’s confidence or even destroy it. This is because actions of a teacher influence a child. Moreover, self-confidence is acquired through others’ motivation.

Allow questions

Other than encouraging students verbally, you need to give an opportunity to ask questions. It is good to encourage divergent thinking and curiosity as far as innovation is concerned. You should note that questions are key to student engagement and interest that encourages learning. Therefore, teachers should not ignore questions.

Teaching professionalism

You should teach your students to be professional. Thus, you need to address the skills of problem-solving. Each business or invention was created to solve certain types of problems such as processing, medical issues, and boredom. Let students understand that a problem is just a question, which is yet to be answered.

When you teach in-depth problem-solving skills, you cover areas that are not part of theEducation curriculum standards. In this way, you set the foundation for the future innovators and prepare your students in identifying problems. It is advisable to research the past solutions and look at present problems in different perspectives. In this way, students get prepared to investigate new solutions depending on time and ability level. This type of model offers all diverse learners an opportunity to discover new ways of approaching problems.

Use success examples

Teachers can influence students positively with different skills to be successful in life. This is possible if they have autonomy and desire to do so. The main reasons educators get into this profession is to change the world and to teach their students to succeed. It is true a teacher’s role in innovation is quite tiresome, but the result is a rewarding and exciting experience.