A Brief Overview Of The Seriously Trademarks

Many business owners believe that by registering a company or business name, they get exclusive possession of that particular name and all the related assets. Apparently, this is a perilous misconception considering that another firm can simply use the same trademark that you use in trading. When they do this, they legally own that name, thus negatively affecting your business. Many companies ask of how to go about with the Trademark Registration.

For this reason, therefore, the only perfect solution is to trademark your brand. This gives you the aptitude to protect all your business assets, making sure that you are the sole owner of the company name, logo and any intellectual property in Australia and all over the globe.


The Best Choice

When it comes to trademarking your business, Seriously Trademarks is an impeccable option for any business owner that cares about Trademarksgrowing the brand and the business at large. Seriously Trademarks specializes in the field of trademarks, in addition to providing expert knowledge that proves useful in brand protection.

The purported firm has offices in Australia as well as New Zealand and boasts thousands of networks that help companies and individuals to trademark their business in Australia, New Zealand and all around the globe. This ensures that their critical assets are fully protected.

How Do They Help?

Seriously Trademarks helps business owners in registering for trademarks, not just in Australia and New Zealand, but also internationally. The company boasts a host of highly experienced professionals that help in handling the entire procedure required for the processing of trademark applications. This, ultimately, guarantees the protection of a company’s critical assets, including products and services.
The company takes pride in every successful trademark application. Before registering any trademark, their professionals undertake the following:

  • Quote the overall cost: The company cites the overall cost of any particular trademark application.
  • Preparation and submission of trademark application: Seriously Trademarks notifies potential applicants if they are required to respond to the objections of whichever kind. Additionally, applicants are also notified in advance if they are not eligible. In this case, they are referred to a network of legal advisers since Seriously Trademarks does not provide the legal advice.
  • Monitoring of the application: Seriously Trademarks monitors their clients’ use throughout the public notice period. This gives applicants the peace of mind, for they know that Seriously Trademarks is their only formal contact.

Best service

treeSeriously Trademarks endeavors to provide the ultimate best customer service to all their clients at every step of their trademark application and registration process. The company and all the staff are interested in protecting their customers’ businesses. Consequently, their core aim is to understand their client’s business as best as they can, guaranteeing that the right protection is attained for their trademarks.…