Amazing Fruits That Have More Vitamin C Than Orange, and the Benefits

When you think of foods high in Vitamin C, oranges probably come to mind. And rightfully so – oranges are a great source of this important nutrient. But it turns out there are quite a few other foods that have more Vitamin C than oranges. In fact, according to recent scientific studies, some of these foods may even have more Vitamin C than oranges. At this source, you can get a basket full of your favorite fruits. Keep reading to learn more about these amazing foods and their benefits.


kiwiKiwis are small, furry fruit that packs a big punch when it comes to Vitamin C. In fact, one kiwi has about as much Vitamin C as an orange. Kiwis are also a good source of other nutrients like potassium and fiber. In fact, the benefits of eating kiwis are many. For one, they can help boost your immune system. Vitamin C is known for its ability to help fight off colds and other illnesses. Kiwis are also good for heart health due to their high potassium content. Additionally, kiwis can aid in digestion due to their high fiber content.


Papayas are another fruit that has more Vitamin C than oranges. In addition to being a great source of this important nutrient, papayas are also a good source of other nutrients like Vitamin A and fiber. Papayas have many benefits, both for your health and for your skin. For instance, they can help improve your digestion due to their high fiber content. Additionally, papayas can help to protect your skin from the sun’s harmful UV rays.


This tropical fruit is not only delicious, but it’s also packed with nutrients. As a matter of fact, guava has more than twice the amount of Vitamin C as oranges. Guava is also a good source of other nutrients like fiber and potassium, like kiwis. Additionally, guavas contain compounds that can help to protect your skin from damage. For instance, the lycopene in guavas can help to protect your skin from the sun’s harmful UV rays. Guavas are also good for your immune system due to their high Vitamin C content.



Who doesn’t love the sweet, sour taste of strawberries? Well, it turns out that strawberries are not only delicious, but they’re also packed with nutrients. The antioxidant and Vitamin C content in strawberries can help to protect your cells from damage. Additionally, folate in strawberries is essential for pregnant women as it helps to prevent birth defects.

All in all, it’s true that orange is infamous for their high level of vitamin C. But, as you can see, other foods have even more vitamin C. So, the next time you’re looking to boost your intake of this important nutrient, be sure to add some of these foods to your diet. You’ll be doing your body a favor.…

The benefits of using body acne wash

The benefits of using body acne wash

There are many benefits of using body ance wash.It prevents from ance and various infections of the

Skin.It is very important for every one to use ance body wash.It prevents you from various diseases of the skin it is good for your health.It will be good for your every day life.People using ance body wash are
Spending good life.

Cider vinegar is one of the best skin foods.

It is used more and more in the treatments of the skin, because of the numerous ingredients that it contains. Here’s why you should try it in place of other face cleansers and see its benefits by yourself!

Apple cider vinegar has multiple benefits for the skin

body careIt has antifungal and antibacterial properties, and it is for this reason that it prevents acne and various infections of the skin.It cleans the pores of the skin so that it can breathe. It balances the pH of the skin.

It contains the alpha-hydroxylated acids; it also removes dead skin cells. Even if these acids can be found in products expensive for the skin, the cider vinegar contains them in greater quantity.
Also, it is very effective in preventing the appearance of aging spots and acne.

To treat age spots, apply a cotton pad soaked in diluted vinegar and leave the vinegar on the face for 20-30 minutes before washing your face. The first results can be seen fairly quickly. This treatment is also effective against acne.
Nevertheless, you must be careful because cider vinegar is a strong product and can damage the skin. Therefore, we recommend diluting it before use and applying it to the skin as a toner.

During adolescence, the presence of different forms of pimples and acne is considered normal. In eight out of ten teens, acne on the face is quite common. The appearance of different forms of dorsal acne or various pimples on other parts of the body is also not exceptional. Would you get rid of your acne quickly? What a curious question. Obviously you dream of it! How to do prevent and treat acne. It will then be essential to start an acne treatment on a daily basis as rigorously as possible. By familiarizing yourself with a daily protocol you will ensure the effectiveness of an acne treatment at home. For more information, please read the following article.

Basic Symptoms of Ance

facial treatmentThe basic symptoms of acne are comedones and inflamed pimples. Depending on the degree of severity, there are several forms of acne. If you suffer from acne, you will need to rethink your lifestyle and first stop fiddling and squeeze your pimples every time you look in the mirror. This is a fundamental mistake and even if the temptation is strong, do not touch the acne pimples unnecessarily and never press them at the risk of causing chronic and pejorative damage to the condition of your skin. In severe cases, an acne treatment is inevitable, and your daily care will not suffice. You will need to consider professional care by turning to a dermatologist.…