Starting Portable Toilet Rental Business

Are you planning to run a portable toilet rental business? With the increasing demand for outdoor events nowadays, the demand for portable toilet rental has increased as well. Renting a portable toilet has deemed to be the solution for an event organizer to cater to the needs of guests or event goers. Therefore this rental business opportunity is going to increase as well. Today we are going to share top tips and guide in starting your own portable toilet rental business.

Deciding The Investment

toiletThe first thing to do when you are starting the portable toilet rental business is to decide on the investment which is the portable toilet itself. Decide which brand and type you are going to buy. Check for reviews and customer’s feedback. Do learn about the warranty given by the supplier. You may also check what brand and type your competitors are using.

After you decide the brand and type to buy, now it’s time to determine how many units you are going to buy. This depends on how much capital do you have available. The more you buy, the more capital you will have to prepare. Check whether the supplier can offer any installment facility. Taking an installment facility may have an additional interest cost, but it will help with your company’s cash flow.

Calculating Rental Cost

cashYou will need a small truck to deliver the portable toilet back and forth from your place to the client’s place. Therefore you must calculate how much you are going to charge for delivery. Then the delivery cost has to be added to the initial rental cost.

You will also be needing a maintenance cost for your units, particularly for the cleaning cost. This cost also has to be added in the equation. Also, check how much your competitor’s rental cost is. You don’t want to put a much higher price than what the market has received.

Promoting Your Service

Promotion and advertising play an important role in increasing your sales. Start thinking about what promotion or event you are going to held to announce the opening of your business. Collect the list of event organizer companies in your town and try to introduce your service to them.

Do set up an online platform to advertise your service as well. Open an Instagram account and set up a facebook account as well. If possible, create a website for your company for better credibility. Don’t forget to ask for customers’ review and testimonial to put in your online pages to gain trust from new clients.