How a Memory foam Mattress Reduces Back Pain

Studies show that mattresses have a significant effect on middle, lower and upper back pain. Back muscles need to remain relaxed and allow the spine to decompress and be flexible from stress and tension. Therefore, sleeping in a position that doesn’t allow spine decompression often lead to back pain which can compromise one’s health. Sleeping needs vary from one person to another. Some are side sleepers; others are stomach and others are back sleepers. It makes sense to select the mattress that matches one’s sleeping posture. However, selecting one can be a daunting task. Others recommend trying a variety of them while in a mattress store. Memory foam mattresses have been found to remedy most back pain issues. But, how can a memory foam mattress reduce back pain?

How can a memory foam mattress reduce back pain?

back painMemory foam mattress is unique from other types. It is also called a visco-elastic mattress. It has a viscous property that makes it to contour to the sleeper’s body naturally. It adjusts with pressure and temperature and later restores to its initial position when pressure and temperature are released. A memory foam mattress provides full-body contouring, hence, supports the user’s lower, middle and upper back. Therefore, back muscles remain relaxed, and spine releases tension and decompresses from day’s stress.

Difference in sleeping on a firm and soft mattress

Firm innerspring beds often result in spaces between the mattress and the lower back. In such a position, the lower back is not entirely supported. Additionally, sleeping on soft air mattresses and waterbeds result in an opposite effect. Heavier parts of the body like hips tend to sink deeper than other body parts. Such a position cause unnatural spine alignment which can worsen back pain.

Picking the right memory foam mattress to fight back pain

sleeping womanPrice, color or design of the mattress should not be the driving factors when buying a memory foam mattress to beat back pain. Most doctors recommend medium-firm memory foam mattresses for back pain relief. Additionally, body shape is another critical factor to keep in mind. The upper layers of the mattress should provide sufficient support and must contour naturally to the sleeper’s body. Denser types of between 4-5.5 lbs are known to provide long-lasting support. For those who use adjustable beds, they can still find proper support by selecting the right memory foam mattress. Adjustable beds allow the spine to decompress and also boosts blood circulation.


Back pain can take a toll in one’s day to day life. However, selecting the right sleeping mattress can help provide natural relief.…