Services Offered By Financial Advisory Firms

The primary role of financial consulting firms is to provide strategic, economic and financial advice to companies that are geared towards solving companies’ disputes or problems. Below is an outline of some of the common services offered by the life sci advisor.

Fund advisory and portfolio valuation


With the kind of complexity in evaluating conflict of interest and liquidity of assets, some financial institutions and investment managers rely on Advisory firms for third-party valuation services. Such assessment services are critical in streamlining transparency and credibility of the investor reporting. At the same time, it provides a platform for manager’s fee and fundraising. The financial firms are also able to handle some complex derivatives, strategies, and securities which encompass collateralized loan obligation; mortgage-backed securities, market securities among others.

Provision of financial consulting

If a company is looking for financial advisory engagements, then it is best if they seek help from financial consulting firms. Such companies consult on a wide range of clientele who rely on their analytics and objectivity expertise. They are also backed by a team of valuation experts with consulting backgrounds and real-world management. With such a service, you are guaranteed of expert service delivery that will advance any companies vision.

Well structured transaction advisory

Markets are gaining a competitive each day, and companies should adjust to fit the every changing market demands. The financial advisory experts take on an industry-based based approach that is both flexible and practical. This is tailored to meet the client’s financial needs. Some firms have got an integrated support system that takes into account renowned consulting and accounting firms to deliver unmatched services without conflict. With such a market driven yet integrated approach, companies can manage risk and realize the value in their transaction cycle.

Valuation and advisory on real estate

Financial consulting firms bring together a team of experts that have a keen interest in the real estate market. The principal obligation is to seek for the challenges within the real estate sector especially when it comes to valuation of real estate. Clients get in-depth analysis and financial advice on complex real estate transaction. The financial advisory covers a wide range of properties including multifamily, land, and master planned communities, industrial, rental among others.

Competitive tech-IP consulting


The main motive behind Tech-IP is to add smart value, workable solutions and creative ideas to clienteles. Most Financial Advisory firms offer forward thinking the solution, executive-level relationship and market level expertise that distinguishes them as industry leaders.