Different Types Of Sugar Available On the Market

Sugar is a useful ingredient used in various mouth-watering recipes. A good number of people believe it is bad for health. The fact remains that it is a great source of energy, good for your skin, and health too. Unfortunately, a lot of people do not know much about this product. What are the different types of sugar available on the market?

Types of sugar

Raw sugarraw sugar

This is simply cane sugar that is less refined. It has rich color and flavor than cane sugar. The majority of the people confuse it with brown sugar due to its light brown color. However, it is quite different. Thus, next time when purchasing does not be confused.

Brown Sugar

This is sucrose sugar. However, it acquires its rich flavor and brown color from molasses; that is either partially refined. The addition of molasses makes its taste a bit delicious and different. It is commonly used in bakeries to give crisp brown color to cakes, cookies, and other desserts.

White Sugar

This is a popular type of sugar, which is washed and refined to remove molasses from it. It is obtained from either sugar beet or sugar cane. After harvesting the plant, the juice is extracted and boiled to eliminate the moisture. After evaporating the moisture, natural sucrose in the juice crystallizes.

Castor Sugar

This type of sugar has a fine form. In fact, it is granulated and has quick dissolving properties. This explains why it is used in desserts, drinks, cocktails, and baking. It adds volume and flavor to the food. This type is free from bacteria and moisture. Moreover, it offers a light texture with the food.

Beet Sugar

This is a formBeet Sugar of sugar, which is extracted from cultivator of Beta vulgaris, or simply the common beet. In fact, it is very different from the cane sugar. Therefore, you do not need to mix both of them. You should note that at least 30% of sugar currently on the world market is beet sugar. This plant can be cultivated in the temperate climates. Moreover, this sugar has 100% pure ingredients.

It is useful to understand the different types of sugar currently on the market. You should note that the sugars described above are safe to use. Moreover, they have their unique tastes and properties. Other than give food taste, sugar acts as a preservative, fermentation substrate, the coloring agent, and texture modifier. It is advisable to buy sugar from renowned manufacturers and suppliers.…